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Moving your home with care – household removals and storage

Moving can be difficult, but we at Home2Home Removals and Storage think that a well-planned move that leaves nothing to chance will make the process go more easily. Reap the benefits of our well-equipped house furniture removal vans of various sizes, which are intended to transport your furniture and belongings safely. Our friendly and helpful furniture removal and storage porters will take care of your home and valuables.
We give a best packing service for your glass, china, and other fragile objects, using only the best packing materials. If you like, we can pack your whole house for you. However, if you prefer to pack your own things, we can provide everything you’ll need.

House Removals Wimbledon

You can put your goods for as long as you like.

It really doesn’t make a difference if you’re moving overseas for a few years, just need a platform to store your possessions for a few months while you plan your move, or just want to decorate a room for a few weeks – using a reputable removal company with secure storage facilities means you can store your belongings for as long as you want or need, with no stress or commitment to a specific length of time. Storage is usually paid on a weekly basis by most moving companies, therefore the pricing can be rather adjustable.
If you’re moving internationally, storing your belongings may be an essential part of the procedure. Depending on where the client moving and the logistics of your move, your international removal company may recommend storing your belongings for a short period of time before shipping or delivering them to your new home, such as if you’re staying in a short-term rental for a period of time when you arrive before finding a long-term home or if you’re relocating.

When is it appropriate to employ storage?

This type of storage is good for:

  • Any person who needs to clear up various areas of their home before moving day.
  • Someone who is thinking about redecorating or renovating their new house.
  • For anyone who might face additional issues on moving day, such as if they are part of a large housing chain or want to exchange contracts on finishing day.

Your possessions must be kept private and protected.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but when choosing a moving company with additional storage facilities, you must ensure that your belongings are totally safe and secure. Make sure you do your research if you’re specifically looking for a removal business that also provides storage. Some professional removal services, such as Home2home Movers, which also offer storage in their permanently managed, on-site warehouses, will be able to walk you through all of your options and answer any questions you may have to ensure that your belongings are safely and securely kept.

House Removals Wimbledon
House Removals Wimbledon

You can get to your stuff in storage when you want.

Want to get a few things back but leave the rest in storage? This shouldn’t be an issue; simply contact the removal firm where your things are being stored to learn about their access and extraction procedures. If your items are being stored in a container, it will usually be collected, stood down in a safe area, and opened for you to retrieve what you need, before being sealed up and returned to its original location. Alternatively, if you’d like some assistance, you can tell the mover whatever objects in your inventory you’d like to remove and they’ll do it for you. There may be a little fee for these services, so make sure to inquire about it when making your reservation.
Aside from the normal lower storage charges, one of the major advantages of utilizing Home2Home removalists removals business over a self-storage company is the add-on capability for them to assist you in moving the belongings into the storage facility and back out again. The removals team will know how to fill a container to make the most of the available space while also ensuring that everything is adequately secured and protected to minimize the danger of damage.
Home2Hoome movers, have specifically constructed lorries with side loading doors that allow them to load your items directly into an empty wooden container, close the doors at your home, and then carry the container off the lorry and into the warehouse using a forklift. This eliminates the need for double handling, lowering the danger of damage or loss.