Moving house is always a stressful ordeal. Especially when several heavy and unique items need to be transporting to the new location. With that being saying, there is one notable piece of furniture that stands out from most others – piano movers. 

Due to the weight and size of most pianos. It’s precarious to attempt to consider moving a piano by yourself or with a few friends. However, there are, of course, people that can help – specialist removal companies, but why pay that extra cost?

Pianos are Very Heavy and Large

As we have mentioned already, pianos weigh a considerable amount. On average, even smaller sizes can weigh between 140 – 180 kg, whereas grand pianos can weigh up to 550kg. Even the world’s strongest man would struggle. This is why professional piano movers will at least have the combined strength. Knowledge and capabilities to move such heavy goods. 

Avoid Damage

Pianos are costly, not just for the piano itself but also for maintenance and repairs, which is why the last thing you would want to do is damage the piano in any way. Especially considering how easy it is to damage a piano due to its age and components, inappropriately handling the piano is a straightforward way to cause destruction. 

Prevents the Risk of Injury

Whilst carrying any heavy item, there is always a risk of injury. Especially if the handler isn’t train or aware of how to position themselves correctly. To be known as professional piano movers, they would have undergone a wealth of training to know the theory and practical side of moving heavy objects. 

Saves Money 

It may not come across this way; after all, you are hiring someone once again to move something for you. But in the long run, this saves money in terms of avoiding damages and injury claims, as discussed above. Due to this, it’s ultimately worth the cost to hire a professional moving service to assist in terms of both financially, physically and safely. 

Requires Specialist Moving Equipment

Although in the movies, you often see many guys attempting to lift. And carry a piano across the street to their new home. This is rarely the case. In reality, most piano movers will have specialist moving equipment. Designed to increase health and safety measures and make the whole process much easier. 

It’s also likely that your piano won’t simply fit through a standard door frame where it might be the case that it is dismantled partially. In the most suitable approach so that Who can remove it. If this isn’t possible, it’s expecting that they will have the appropriate equipment. Which will allow them to remove and load the piano through different means such as a window or rear door.  

Home 2 Home Movers

As one of the UK’s most reputable house and office removal service providers in UK, the home 2 Home Movers team has gained a glowing reputation thanks to our reliable and cost-effective removal service. You will also be pleas to know that our team has the expertise to carry out piano removals where our team is happy to remove, transport and unload your piano to your new home.

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