So you have finally decided to bite the bullet and move to your dream home hundreds of miles away. Although this sounds amazing, which it will be once the move is complete, the process involved is highly stressful and time-consuming for the homeowners especially. Ready to know more about long distance removals in UK? 

Fortunately, you aren’t the only one who has decided to move far away, which is why several house removal companies offer long-distance removals as part of their services, but how else do you help to make the move easier? 

Put together a specific moving plan for Long Distance Removals


Once you have confirmed the purchase and move date for your brand new home, you must get started straight away with the creation of a specific moving plan. Step one should include an overall checklist, similar to this guide today, which outlines every aspect that needs to be considered or completed in advance to the final day in your old home. 


One of the best approaches to guarantee that this plan is implemented and set in stone is by creating a calendar. Within this calendar, you can outline to yourself and others the timetable which specific tasks need to be carried out by to ensure everything is completed ahead of the move. 


Finally, it’s then time to conduct any final organisation before you begin to pack. To make the moving process stress free, it’s advised that you have all of the boxes and packing materials in preparation, giving you ample time to pack for your move away. 

Apply the one year rule

If you haven’t used the item in over a year, why bring it with you? Taking excess products that you don’t use will slow down the packing process, increase the number of boxes you will need to transport and could potentially increase the overall cost of moving. 

That being said, even if you have used it within the year, moving homes is the ideal opportunity to organise through all of your belongings and give away any items that you no longer require. 

Prioritise much-needed items 

During the packing process, it’s also suggested that you create an open-first box. This should include the items that you will need within the first few days of your move, with a few notable items including chargers, tools, towels, bedding and toiletries. It’s more than likely that you will need more than one box for this, as well as noting these should ideally be transported with you if you are going by car before the moving trucks. 

Search around for multiple quotes

Most long-distance movers quote their removal costs on the weight, distance and time required to move, so it’s important to check around for multiple quotes before you decide on one removal firm. When contacting moving companies for quotes, it’s important that you are as accurate as possible, as well as checking that they can facilitate special requirements such as pets or live plants. 

Identify and agree with a removal team

Once you have found an agreeable quote with a removal firm, it’s then time to contact them once more and establish an agreement. Before you sign any documents, you must ask relevant questions regarding their moving services, as well as anything else you are keen to know about your specific move. 

However, a crucial aspect to consider for long-distance moves is moving insurance. Even if you are using a reputable firm, it’s always best to pay that little extra to guarantee that your personal belongings and valuables are covered and will be compensated if any loss or damage occurs whilst the removal firm is handling your goods. 

Consider how you are going to get there

You will also need to consider how you are going to get to your new home. If you are moving across the country, you might drive in your car if you feel comfortable, though there are several other options available. Public transport is always another suitable solution, though if you are moving abroad like many homeowners are looking to do, then you will also need to look into shipping and delivery services for your items and vehicles. oxford to stansted

Long Distance Removals in UK

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