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When a person plans to move out, they start looking for a company for a smooth relocation. Here when home2home movers play their role. We are offering excellent service of house removals Lewisham from 2006. We have handled so many moving processes that now we don’t feel any issue handling any move. Whether a client demands our service for a smaller mover or a bigger move, our team serves them confidently. Also, our record is 100% successful. All of our clients were happy with us. We listen to them carefully to find out what exactly they are expecting from us. Then our team makes sure to perform so that our clients get the result that is far better than their expectations.

House Removals Lewisham

How We Pick Our Staff?

We believe that every client feels insecure while handover is their precious belonging to someone they don’t know. But we assure them that all of our team is skilled and friendly. While hiring them, we consider all the necessary points to check. If in the past they are working somewhere, we check their record and performance. We make sure that in the past, they were not involved in suspicious activity. Before allowing them to join a team, we train them well and teach them all the techniques required to handle packing and moving safely.

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Service We Offer To Our Clients

To provide our customer’s ease, we offer several services, which included:

Safe Packaging Of The Possessions

For packing, a lot of time is required. Our team makes sure that they do everything perfectly. First, they examine the things that a client wants them to pack. We arrange the packing material for the client. We use bubble wraps, wrapping sheets, all different sizes of boxes, and other required things. While booking our service, if you want us to dismantle something, you can tell us in the beginning. We have all the equipment that is required for this specific task.

Safe Transportation Of Possessions

Once the packing is done, we arrange a van for our clients to relocate all their things easily and safely from one point to another. The vans that we arrange belong to our own company. We service them from time to time to make sure they are in good condition. All the vans have equipment that is required to provide extra safety to the products. Like straps are in the van, we use them to tie up the boxes not to fall while driving on bumpy roads. In our van’s trolleys are present we use them to bring things in van safely. It not only allows us to move boxes quickly, but it is also good for our staff safety and the safety of our client’s products.

 Facility of Storage

We come across some clients who don’t want to take some things to the new house, instead of looking for a safe storage place. For those clients, we make arrangements. The storage unit we appoint for you is the one that is properly secured. The one that has cleaned too, so we keep in mind all this and make a perfect arrangement for you. You can check the place on your own, too, for double-check.